• Dying Shadows – New ‘Arty’ Video Out Now!

    We released the second video from our Kicking the Olive Branch album the other day. You can find it in this post or you can pop along to YouTube to take it or a spin. We also created a brand new Channel Intro video thing, which is quite good and worth a look, too.

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  • Full HD Video Playlist

    Forgot to mention that last week, I completed the video a day task I set myself and managed to upload a full HD video for each track of the new album All Life is One. All the videos have been compiled into one super-duper playlist. Check it out below.

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  • New Video – Falling to the Ground

    Just posted the second video taken from the new album Here it is in all it’s HD glory:

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  • Video Time

    Been working on some videos that will eventually find their way to our YouTube channel. In a few weeks time (if not sooner) I will have a video uploaded for every track off the new album “All Life is One”. They will all appear in the same playlist. Will let you know when they are…

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  • YouTube video for “Enraptured II” now online

    I posed a new video for our song “Enraptured II” as featured on our brand new Enraptured EP! As well as that, I finally got around to changing our YouTube URL to something more sensible. However, the URL I wanted to use is in use by someone who hasn’t used the name in centuries, so…

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  • Enraptured I on YouTube!

    Enraptured I on YouTube!

    Checkout our new video for Enraptured I on YouTube! Or you can just press play below!

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  • YouTube – On Air!

    As promised, our official YouTube channel is now open for business. First video on there is a 5 minute medley of the new album, which I have included in this post for convenience!            

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