• Project A – New Video Released

    Project A – New Video Released

    Today, we have released the new video for last single Project A! As it says in the blurb: This is a sequel / prequel to ‘Project B’. Twice as long, great little melody and some odd sound effects combine to present a nice little listen that I do hope you will enjoy. Hope you enjoy…

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  • In Fa Mi – New Single and Video

    In Fa Mi – New Single and Video

    Yesterday, 18th November 2022, we released another new piece of music. Called, rather punningly, In Fa Mi, it is a lovely guitar based instrumental featuring my lovely Yamaha Revstar guitar. The song is availabe everywhere, except Bandcamp! And today, I uploaded a video to support the tune. You can watch it below. If you wish…

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  • Project B

    Project B

    I’ve had a few questions regarding this song. Mainly, why is it not on Bandcamp? In truth, it is largely because people tend not to buy singles there (mostly, anyway). So, I am experimenting a bit with delivery methods to try and improve traction. So, for the time being, you can stream it via the…

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  • Another New Video

    Another New Video

    We released another new video this week, this time for the recent single Just Another Goodbye. Hope you enjoy it. If you like the song, it is availabe to purchase or stream via your favourite platform.

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  • New Video Release

    New Video Release

    We have just posted a new video for a new song! The song is not released yet, but will be available from 28th October 2022. The new song is called Project B and is one of the shortest tracks we have ever created, coming in at just 60 seconds! I will create a post abvout…

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  • New Video for Warm Space II

    Check this out . . . I’ve just launched a new video for our latest release, the 9+ minute Warm Space II. Check it out below: If you like the video, please subscribe to our channel and share!

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  • Lost Summer – New Lyric Video

    Lost Summer – New Lyric Video

    One of our most popular tracks on Spotify is the ballad Lost Summer from our 2007 album Too Many Goodbyes. This is a gentle song telling of lost love and regret and sung beautifully by Ken Senior. As it is being so well liked at the moment, I thought it would be fun to create…

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  • Lyric Video

    Made my first ever Lyric Video for the song Kiss Away the Pain (Again). You can either watch it below or click the link to go straight to YouTube: The song is 7 and a bit minutes long. There are 5 verses and two choruses and the vocals don’t start until about 40 seconds in!…

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  • Behind the Glances – New Video

    Today (29th May 2020) we released a new video. This time, it features the full cut of The Story of Our Lives: Part III – Behind the Glances. This new video is a bit “far out”, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! And if you do enjoy it, you can buy the album directly…

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