Quantum Spin New Video Out Now

Quantum Spin - Main Image

Our latest video is now available. Entitled Quantum Spin, this is track 6 from our Kicking the Olive Branch album. This is just your bog-standard album cover type video thing . . . no time to throw anything more elaborate than that together for it due to time being taken up with the Xmas Single . . . More of that to follow . . .

Full HD Video Playlist

Forgot to mention that last week, I completed the video a day task I set myself and managed to upload a full HD video for each track of the new album All Life is One.

All the videos have been compiled into one super-duper playlist. Check it out below.

Video Time

Been working on some videos that will eventually find their way to our YouTube channel. In a few weeks time (if not sooner) I will have a video uploaded for every track off the new album “All Life is One”. They will all appear in the same playlist. Will let …

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YouTube video for “Enraptured II” now online

I posed a new video for our song “Enraptured II” as featured on our brand new Enraptured EP!

As well as that, I finally got around to changing our YouTube URL to something more sensible.

However, the URL I wanted to use is in use by someone who hasn’t used the name in centuries, so I had to have this one instead:(https://www.youtube.com/user/elegantsimplicity1).

Even so, it’s still better than the previous one:(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWioy3ksbBAHbvoFIaUpa7A)

As far as I can tell, either URL will get you where you need to be, but I would recommend updating your bookmarks to the new one.

Don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly prefer the new URL over the old one! What do you think?

YouTube – On Air!

As promised, our official YouTube channel is now open for business. First video on there is a 5 minute medley of the new album, which I have included in this post for convenience!