• New Interview

    New Interview

    The other day, I was interviewed by Phil Jackson of Dimensions in Sound and Space. We mainly discussed the CD re-issue of Kicking the Olive Branch and the new Xmas album Sad Tidings. In between that, we covered a fair amount of ground regarding musical influences and my take on Christmas! It was a cool…

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  • Xmas Posting Dates – 2023

    Xmas Posting Dates – 2023

    Please find below the last posting dates for delivery BEFORE Xmas; you know, the time of year when the earth stands still! Anyway, to ensure you get CDs in a timely manner, please bear these dates in mind. Note that these date also apply if you order anything from our sister Bandcamp store First Class…

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  • Joy to the World (About time, too!)

    Joy to the World (About time, too!)

    Today, we released our Xmas Single! This time, it is the turn of the old classic Joy to the World. This is a version like no other! For one thing, it is a whopping 11 minutes in length. For another, it’s just epic in every sense. The basic melody is alive and well, but the…

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  • Xmas Playlist

    Thought it might be fun to gather all our Xmas songs and slap them into one playlist. And here it is. Enjoy and share! If you want to buy these songs, then please head over to Bandcamp!

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  • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

    Today, we released our new Xmas singe! Listen to it Read all about it Enjoy!

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  • Christmas is a Coming In

    Christmas is a Coming In

    I forgot to mention that this Friday sees the release of ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear‘, our 2021 Christmas single. Like the other ones, I have taken an old chestnut and ‘made it my own’. Practically the only recognisable thing is the chorus! It does sound great, though! If you listen carefully, the actual…

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  • Hark! Is that the new Xmas Single?

    Hark! Is that the new Xmas Single?

    Here it is, new for 2020, our latest Xmas single. I think this is our best one yet. It is only available on Bandcamp for the first week then the usual places from the December 12th. So, get it while it’s hot, as they say! The Discography has also been updated, so if you want…

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  • Friday, December 4th

    Make a note of the date, as that is the day our 2020 Xmas single Hark! The Herald Angels Sing is released for listening / purchase EXCLUSIVELY through Bandcamp. A week later, it will be available via the usual platforms. The Discography page will be updated shortly, too.

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  • Hark! I see New Artwork on the Horizon

    Hark! I see New Artwork on the Horizon

    As you know, the next release will be our Christmas Single; a rather tasty version of the super famous Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. Like all these songs, it has been done to death by every man under the sun, but our version is a bit different. It will officially be released worldwide on December…

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