Behind the Glances – New Video

Today (29th May 2020) we released a new video. This time, it features the full cut of The Story of Our Lives: Part III – Behind the Glances.

This new video is a bit “far out”, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! And if you do enjoy it, you can buy the album directly from us.

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YouTube video for “Enraptured II” now online

I posed a new video for our song “Enraptured II” as featured on our brand new Enraptured EP!

As well as that, I finally got around to changing our YouTube URL to something more sensible.

However, the URL I wanted to use is in use by someone who hasn’t used the name in centuries, so I had to have this one instead:(

Even so, it’s still better than the previous one:(

As far as I can tell, either URL will get you where you need to be, but I would recommend updating your bookmarks to the new one.

Don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly prefer the new URL over the old one! What do you think?