• Purity and Despair (1998)

    Purity and Despair (1998)

    This is the 10th Elegant Simplicity album and the first all-instrumental release since ‘Natural Instinct’. Initial quantities were available as a limited edition full-colour picture disc. Fantastic artwork throughout the 8-page booklet, which is in full colour. Each page features a collection of themed images which represent the mood of the relevant song. From the…

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  • Reversal of Time (1997)

    Reversal of Time (1997)

    This was our 9th album and second to be released on CD, way back in 1997. Like the previous few albums it was recorded onto multi-track reel-to-reel tape. I only had 8 tracks to play with (the mind boggles!), so there was a considerable amount of overdubbing and bouncing to stereo pairs involved! Not to…

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  • The Nature of Change (1996)

    The Nature of Change (1996)

    The eighth album and the first to appear on CD! An album of 2 halves – 6 vocal tracks and one instrumental. Basically, it was an attempt at trying to please everybody – the fans of the instrumental songs and fans of vocal-based songs. The songs are very poppy, in a prog-rock kind of way,…

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