A Crack in the Ice – Solo Upload!

Architect Of Light

Incoming!!!!! Just uploaded to SoundCloud one of the solos from the almost ready to roll Remix/Remastered version of Architect of Light (Original Version). The solo here happens at the 14 minute mark and is all clean, funky, organ-tastic goodness! The solo is a clean thing recorded with my Fender Stratocaster …

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Take it for a spin “Enraptured II”. Here. Now.

Enraptured II

Its here: ready for you to take for a spin – Enraptured II,  our brand new prog-tastic tune is now available to listen to via SoundCloud.

This is the first mix of it and it sounds pretty good!

Featuring myself on guitars / bass / keyboards with the new addition of Jason on drums, this is a killer track. Don’t let the few seconds of mild mannered mellotron at the start fool you: this tune delivers a mighty wallop and is quite possibly the most ‘rock’ we have ever been.

Please give it a listen and comment as appropriate. Don’t forget to join in all this social stuff and share the track, too. Here it is:

Enraptured II Finished!

I’m pleased to report that I finished mixing this new song the other night and it sounds awesome: total prog rock with a touch of hard rock in it + a storming synth solo! I’m very pleased with it, to say the least. I have uploaded it to SoundCloud but …

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Architect of Light – Drum Samples

Architect Of Light

I uploaded to SoundCloud a pair of 32 second drum extracts from Time to Breathe. The playlist is below. The first extract is the original raw drum tack from the third synth solo and the second extract is the new remixed version (from the same position) for comparison. As you can …

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Enraptured II – Almost Done!

Enraptured II, as some of you already know, is the second part of the Enraptured Trilogy. Whereas Part I was all mean, moody and atmospheric, Part II is the complete opposite: it’s possibly the most ROCK thing we’ve ever done though still at heart a progressive piece. It’s about 4 …

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Mood # 11 – New Song To Listen To!

Mood # 11

Just finished the first mix of a brand new song: Mood # 11. This is another entry in our ‘MOOD’ series of pieces, this one being a 3/4 acoustic jazz / fusion tune. It’s moody (naturally) and rather hypnotic with some tasty guitar and moog bits! Look out for some …

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Passing Fancy!

Spent the best part of today finishing the recording of a song called Passing Fancy. All that remains now is to find someone to play a trumpet solo! As well as that, began recording a new song called Mood # 11. This is a really slow(ish) jazzy/prog waltz piece and …

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