We Heard About the Sell Out!

Sold Out Sign

A few more of our Compact Disc albums have now sold out, so I thought I would list all the sold-out ones together! And in a gallery! Click any image and a gallery will pop up showing each album in detail. Nice.

Purity and Despair – Gone!

Purity and Despair

This is a very quick notification to let you know that our highly regarded (and one of my personal favourites) 1998 album Purity and Despair is now sold out on CD. That’s it. All gone. No more re-presses. End of the line. Totally and utterly left the building! Luckily, the …

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Goods News – Bad News! Oh, My!

Shiver me timbers and call me flabbergasted, but I have now SOLD OUT of the Limited Edition CD of Kicking the Olive Branch. That’s right, they are all gone – supply exhausted, dwindled down to zero. You may be lucky enough to pick one up at your favourite stockist, though, …

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