• Don’t Look Down – Coming Back

    Don’t Look Down – Coming Back

    As you know, the new album has been going great guns since its release a few months back. The CD has long since sold out, of course. The cassette version, which has a different running order, is still around, though. Anyway, I am pleased to report that the album will be back in stock later…

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  • Powerplay Magazine Review

    Powerplay Magazine Review

    Forgot to mention this a month or so back, but the UK’s Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine, available via mail order or WHSmiths high street chain, included a review of Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World), along with a track on their exclusive Power Files download compilation series. It’s probably too late…

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  • Faster Than Ever Before (2023)

    Faster Than Ever Before (2023)

    This EP is a compilation of previously released radio edits and an album track taken from Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World).  The four songs fit together perfectly for a streamlined listening experience if you are not in the mood for epics!  As a result, if you already have these radio edits,…

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  • Project A – New Single Out Now

    Project A – New Single Out Now

    On Friday 20th January 2023, we released a brand new single called Project A. You can read about it here. This is the Sequel / Prequel to Project B! A video for this release has already been made and will appear shortly!

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  • Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl (2011)

    Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl (2011)

    Artist / Title: Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl (2011) Month Reviewed: May 2011 Format: CD Buy: Take away three tracks away from this albums 12, you would likely have the best (or certainly one of the top 5) blues-rock albums of all time. Man, this is a seriously brilliant record. I have never been a particularly…

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  • Too Many Goodbyes (2007)

    Too Many Goodbyes (2007)

    Elegant Simplicity are back with their first vocal album since the critical and commercial success of the legendary Architect of Light (2002) album. Once again featuring Ken Senior on vocals and band regular Christoper Knight on drums, Steven McCabe has fashioned an album of maturity, beauty and depth. Kicking off with the frenetic instrumental Mood…

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  • Nowhere Left to Turn (2006)

    Nowhere Left to Turn (2006)

    Clocking in at 54 minutes and just 4 tracks, this is the best album we have ever made: it’s the most in yer face, guitar crunching, hammond rocking album yet! Track 1, In Passing (6.34) is a rollicking guitar fest with some ace riffs and pounding hammond. A great opening number that has a slinky…

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  • Studies in Heartbreak (2005)

    Studies in Heartbreak (2005)

    Beautiful music, great guitar and keyboards and a wonderfully epic sound combine to bring you a musical concoction to savour: outrageous time signatures, shifting tempos, country, jazz, progressive rock, funk and goodness knows what else! A marvellously eclectic album that gets better with every listen. Release Info Proximity Records | ESCD 17 | Wed 01-06-…

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  • Anhedonia (2004)

    Anhedonia (2004)

    After a two year wait – the longest gap between ES albums ever – the new studio album is finally upon us! As you can guess by the song titles, this is another conceptual piece. Musically, the album is very dark, brooding and littered with mellotrons. This is our most orchestral sounding release, too, with…

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