The Progressive Underground, Vol 2

The Progressive Underground Vol 2

The Progressive Underground Volume 2 is out now and continues author Kevin Rowland’s deep delve into this marvellous genre. This volume covers demo and album reviews by artists from I to S. Here are the artists featured (often multiple times) : Icon, Igzit-Nine, Il├║vatar, Iluzjon, Imagin’Aria, Incandescent Sky, Ines Project, …

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[featured-img] Anyone remember the KALEVALA triple CD project we wrote a song for? Must be ten years ago now. Anyway, a detailed review was posted the other day at ProgArchives ….. Where we get a small (but nice!) mention! Check it out . . . By the way….. It’s a …

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Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman – Ravens & Lullabies (2013)

This is the first electric album from Giltrap in many years. On Ravens & Lullabies he has partnered with Oliver Wakeman and together they have concocted a delightful semi-prog rock record. By semi, I mean if you like Alan Parsons Project and Kayak, then this is right up your street. …

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