• Porcupine Tree – Closure-Continuation (2022)

    Porcupine Tree – Closure-Continuation (2022)

    As everyone must know by now, this is the first PT album in years. To say it was long awaited would be an understatement. Anyway, here it is and what is it like? The easy stuff: production and performances are absolutely first rate. Staggeringly well produced, as one would expect from Steven Wilson. First track…

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  • Dream Theater: A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011)

    Dream Theater: A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011)

    Artist / Title: Dream Theater: A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011) Month Reviewed: November 2011 Format: CD Buy: Everyone knows Mike Portnoy is no longer in the band . . .  but I’m not ging to mention that! What I  am going to mention is just how great this record is. Honesty, there isn’t a…

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  • Opeth: Heritage (2011)

    Opeth: Heritage (2011)

    Artist / Title: Opeth: Heritage (2011) Month Reviewed: October 2011 Format: CD Buy: Opeth have been building up to this album for years and tested the waters a bit with the beautiful, haunting and stunning Damnation album a few years ago.. There were hints of what was to come in the previous Watershed album (another…

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