The Shame of Copy / Paste!

Well, here’s a thing! I just sent out the monthly newsletter. So far, so reasonably on time of me! However, I sent it out with LAST MONTHS subject line!!! How embarrassing. Basically, when writing the newsletter, I replicate the previous month, make a few changes to the metadata then replace …

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Newsletter Out Now

This morning, I sent out the first newsletter of the year. In it, there was some information that will interest/excite/frustrate some of you greatly! Yes, I am embarking on an ambitious remastering program of the very old stuff that will see all of the catalogue becoming finally available. This includes …

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April 2018 Newsletter

The April Newsletter was sent out the other day. In it, there is an exclusive look at he forthcoming new album and some demo tracks to listen to! If you are on the list, you will already have seen it. If you are not, then you can either sign up …

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No August Newsletter

Just a very quick note to mention that there will not be a newsletter this month. This is due to there not being enough time to do all that I needed to do  However, there will be an album update later….

July Newsletter

Finally, the July newsletter has been posted. As usual, you can either join the list by filling in the form opposite or you can skip that (and miss out on the free song download!) and simply read it here. As well as news regarding the new demo song, there is …

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May Newsletter

The May Newsletter was sent out yesterday. In it was news regarding or song Quantum Spin as well as a look at the potential artwork for the new album. If you are not on the list, be sure to join and grab yourself a free song download. If you are …

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April 2016 Newsletter

Session Image

The first newsletter of 2016 (yes, really!) finally went out the other day. For those of you not on the list, you can view a copy of it on-line at our archive.

Newsletter | Incoming!

The August 2014 Newsletter will be going out this morning. Those of you on the list will receive it automatically. If you are not on the list and want to be, simply fill in the box opposite.

Newsletter Woes!

Sorry about this, but there is big problem with sending out a newsletter this month.

On top of issues I have been having with my hosting provider the thing just stopped working and I have yet to figure it out. In view of that, I am likely going to change how newsletters are handled. It will be bigger and better!

In other words, there won’t be a newsletter this month.

June 2013 Newsletter – Out Now

I sent out the latest newsletter tonight to all subscribers. If you would like to receive the monthly digest, fill in the form below. View June Newsletter . . . [wysija_form id=”1″]