Reversal of Time – Remaster

Reversal of Time - Remaster

In a break between the mixing sessions for the new album, I have just released the remastered version of our 1997 album Reversal of Time. As with the others, it has been given a subtle but telling makeover with super-duper new artwork. I think you’ll like it. I have also …

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Don’t Look Now, but here comes a new Song!

It’s been a while, to say the least, so I thought I would share something a bit tasty! I have created a 1-minute a cappella version of the title track from the forthcoming new album. Even in this super raw state, the song is packing a mean emotional punch! Please …

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How Music Got Free: What happens when an entire generation commits the same crime?

How Music Got Free

This book is all about how the mp3 file format for compressed audio took over the world, eventually leading to music becoming, effectively, free. On the surface, this may sound like a dull topic. However, the book reads like an action thriller. It’s fast paced, skips forwards and backwards in …

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Pirates Ahoy!

Here’s something I forgot to mention the other week. Within 8 hours of the new album going on sale, I found it ready to be downloaded on several Russian mp3 sites. To say I was surprised and highly disappointed would be understating it. I mean, what sort of person thinks …

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CDBaby | Vignettes and Enraptured Now Available

ES at CDBaby

Some great – and brief – news! Both our EPs and the 2012 Remaster of The Nature of Change are now available at CDBaby. They can be had as MP3 or FLAC downloads and all the songs can be streamed in full before making a purchase.

If you buy from this vendor, please try and leave a review.

Vignettes EP | Enraptured EP | The Nature of Change (2012 Remaster)

CDBaby goes High Res!

Elegant Simplicity - Too Many Goodbyes

I’m pleased to report that CDBaby, no doubt inspired by the success of bandcamp, has decided to offer its customers the choice of FLAC audio files in addition to MP3 and CD. This is a great move and I welcome it wholeheartedly. As they already have high resolution files of …

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Nocturnal Implications

Great news – our 1992 album (the second of that year) has finally been remastered and will be in the shop within the next day or two! The title track is a thing of wonder 🙂

More MP3 Goodness!

I have just added to the download shop, two more MP3 Albums. This time, they are Anhedonia from 2004 and Nowhere Left to Turn from 2006. Both albums are rendered at 320kbps (as is usual for us), so there are no compromises in sonic quality. They both feature very, very …

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Improper Advances – Re-Mastering Ahoy!

Those of you that have been in touch recently about obtaining the really, really old songs are in for a treat . . . . . this week (today, in fact), I started the re-mastering process of our debut album Improper Advances. Apart from a one-off CD-R release many years ago, this album has been in the vault since 1992.

More MP3 Albums!

Just added another two MP3 albums to the download shop. They are Endless Longing from 1994 and Too Many Goodbyes from 2007. Both are priced at £3.49 and come as one file per track. Endless Longing has artwork spread across three pdf files, too. A very nice package, unavailable anywhere …

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Natural Instinct – Back in Stock

Just a very quick note to let you know that our 1995 album Natural Instinct is now back on sale in the MP3 Shop. Instead of the one huge file, the package comes as 12 files for easier downloading. As usual, the quiality is at 320kbps. And, of course, the …

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As It Was – Full Artwork

By popular demand, I’m pleased to announce that the full set of artwork (for those of you who like to have a booklet with your MP3 downloads) will be available later tonight. It will take the form of one PDF file containing front cover, back cover, liner and on-body label …

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New Album added to Discography

Some great news!

The long awaited, much promised and FREE 80 minute compilation album As It Was has been added to the discography. The album will be released officially on Monday 12/07/2010 (though you can get it right now!) and will only be available directly from this website.

It features11 tracks, representing 10 albums from the current release Too Many Goodbyes to our fantastic 1998 album Purity and Despair.

New MP3 Album on the way . . .

I’m pleased to announce that a new MP3 only album (at 320kbps) is on the way. In fact, it will be released in time for the next newsletter at some point next week! And it will be entirely FREE to all subscribers to the newsletter or the website. That’s right, you will get 80 minutes of superb music – in better than CD quality resolution – completely and utterly FREE!