• Mixing Madness!

    In a fit of what can only be described as ‘free time’, I managed to completely mix the new album . . . in one day! Well, when I say mix, I mean I created a static mix of each song – so, nothing but panning and basic volume levels applied: no effects or automation.…

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  • Kicking the Olive Branch: Drums All Done

    In the absence, so far, this month of a newsletter, I thought I should let you know that all the drum tracks for the new album have now been recorded! The final track – all 20 minutes of it – turned out particularly spiffing and I can’t wait for you to hear it. So now…

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  • Mixing / Mastering Update 3: It’s Nearly There!

    Following the last post, I had to redo the mixes. There was nothing intrinsically wrong with them: I just knew I could make them better. And I have. They are now fully mixed and raring to go. No more changes. This is it. At the moment, I am at the mastering stage. I expect that…

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  • Unforgiving Mirror – Done, Dusted!

    Finally . . . . . finally . . . . . finally, I am pleased (and a little bit proud) to announce that Unforgiving Mirror, our new studio album, is now 100% complete and is at the pressing plant! It will be a couple of weeks or so after that before I take delivery…

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  • Mixing Complete!

    Unforgiving Mirror . . . . I finally completed the mixing of the new album yesterday tea-time! I ended up mixing the 18 minute title track twice until I got it right: it’s hard going doing an epic! Today and the rest of the week will be spent mastering and checking the sound on a multitude…

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  • Unforgiving Mirror – Title Track Mixing

    Unforgiving Mirror – Title Track Mixing

    Been working solidly on the monster title track of the new album Unforgiving Mirror. Rest of the album is now completed, and when this track is done, it’s a few days resting of the ears and then straight onto mastering and then straight to the pressing plant! The title track is around 25 minutes long,…

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  • New Album(s) Update

    It’s been a while since I posted an update regarding the new albums! As of now, though, I’m very pleased to report that I have completed the mixing of 80% of the songs and they are sounding fantastic. I always find mixing the most troublesome part of the whole recording process as you need to…

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