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  • John McLaughlin versus Amazon and Google Play

    John McLaughlin versus Amazon and Google Play

    I’m pretty sure it’s the publisher at fault here (just being plain greedy, perhaps?), but I read a review of Bathed in Lightning, a new John McLaughlin biography by Colin Harper, and decided to buy the eBook after reading the excellent sample chapters. My preferred eBook vendors are Amazon and Google Play. Amazon are selling…

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  • Unforgiving Mirror (2013)

    Unforgiving Mirror (2013)

    After 5 years – the longest gap in our history – comes the new album Unforgiving Mirror. Featuring 6 songs, this is our most diverse collection of tunes yet. And there is even a sax solo on the title track! Out of all our albums, this is perhaps the most fusion-like – in a Pat Metheny…

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