• Anhedonia (2004)

    Anhedonia (2004)

    After a two year wait – the longest gap between ES albums ever – the new studio album is finally upon us! As you can guess by the song titles, this is another conceptual piece. Musically, the album is very dark, brooding and littered with mellotrons. This is our most orchestral sounding release, too, with…

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  • Bjorn Lynne – The Gods Awaken (2001)

    Bjorn Lynne – The Gods Awaken (2001)

    Bjorn Lynne – The Gods Awaken

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  • The Story of Our Lives (2000)

    The Story of Our Lives (2000)

    This is the 12th Elegant Simplicity album and undoubtedly one of the best releases of 2000. Featuring one large scale composition (divided into 12 chunks for easy location of favourite bits!), this conceptual piece is a real tour de force of musical styles. Featuring epic guitar and keyboard solos, Japanese influenced mellow bits and full-on…

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  • Purity and Despair (1998)

    Purity and Despair (1998)

    This is the 10th Elegant Simplicity album and the first all-instrumental release since ‘Natural Instinct’. Initial quantities were available as a limited edition full-colour picture disc. Fantastic artwork throughout the 8-page booklet, which is in full colour. Each page features a collection of themed images which represent the mood of the relevant song. From the…

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  • The Nature of Change (1996)

    The Nature of Change (1996)

    The eighth album and the first to appear on CD! An album of 2 halves – 6 vocal tracks and one instrumental. Basically, it was an attempt at trying to please everybody – the fans of the instrumental songs and fans of vocal-based songs. The songs are very poppy, in a prog-rock kind of way,…

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  • Natural Instinct (1995)

    Natural Instinct (1995)

    This is a collection of short instrumental tracks that started life as guitar duets – I still have the original cassette demos. All the songs were recorded over a two-week period in July / August of 1994 and were recorded and mixed using a Fostex R-8 Reel to Reel recorder and mixer combo. That was…

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  • Endless Longing (1994)

    Endless Longing (1994)

    Like Inside The Hurting, another guitar free album. This is a concept work, mainly based around piano and synth. No guitar (except for the MIDI Guitar) and it ends with the completely drum-free title track, edited from 22 mins to 11.54.  If I still had the 22-minute version, it would have been a bonus track! The…

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  • Crying to the Future (1994)

    Crying to the Future (1994)

    Crying to the Future was our 5th album release and second or third of 1994. It was originally released on cassette and reprinted three times, each with a different cover! All the various images are included as bonus .pdf with the Bandcamp edition. Many years later, in 1999, it was released as a limited run…

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  • Inside the Hurting (1994)

    Inside the Hurting (1994)

    Welcome to our 4th album Inside the Hurting. I will say right now that this will polarize! This is quite an oddity in the discography for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is one of only 2 albums where everything is entirely digital: there are no acoustic instruments at all. Everything is played using the…

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