• Pure Reason Revolution – Above Cirrus (2022)

    Pure Reason Revolution – Above Cirrus (2022)

    First album in a couple of years from this most interesting of bands. Always had a soft spot for them since hearing the Bright Ambassadors of Morning and buying it on CD Single! Anyway, they are back in 2022 with a rather excellent new album. No mean departure from them in terms of sound: same…

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  • Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstasy (1976)

    Artist / Title: Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstacy (1976) Month Reviewed: March 2011 Format: CD Buy: Reviled by most folks as a record by a band missing the ‘spark’, this is one of my favourite Sabbath albums, if not my all-time favourite. Only Rock N Roll Doctor mars the ultimate Sabs record. Bill Ward sings the…

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