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  • Avoidance of Mirrors – New Song!

    Just posted a brand new song (yes, another!) to our SoundCloud page. The song is called Avoidance of Mirrors and is an unfinished demo, though you’d be hard-pressed to identify it as such. It’s another hard / prog song with its roots very firmly in the 70’s. The mellotron used is a 1973 M400S .…

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  • Blood Ceremony: the Eldritch Dark (2013)

    Blood Ceremony: the Eldritch Dark (2013)

    This is the Canadian band’s third album and, I think, their best. Fusing seventies hard rock with some progressive flourishes – like a mixture of Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Curved Air and a dash of Fairport Convention, not to mention the overt paganism of the lyrics – the band have produced a barnstorming CD well worthy…

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  • Deep Purple: Now What?! (2013)

    Deep Purple: Now What?! (2013)

    Artist / Title: Deep Purple: Now What?! (2013) Month Reviewed: May 2013 Format: CD Buy: [featured-img] It’s been a good while since the marvellous Rapture of the Deep album . . . so it was with baited breath that I listened to the new Purple album, wondering what they could possibly come up with to top one of my favourites. Shouldn’t be surprised, really,…

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