• Arturia DIST-OPAMP-21

    Some of the guitar on the new album was played using Arturia’s Dist OPAMP-21 plugin. This is a recreation of the Sansamp TECH-21 or whatever it’s called from years gone by. The unit in question was the guitar players go to back in the olden days. As Arturia say: Dist OPAMP-21 is a distortion and…

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  • Welcome to my New Guitar!

    Welcome to my New Guitar!

    I’ve never been one to lust after guitars (sweeping statement alert!) – apart from a Parker Fly, which I never got close to! – but when Yamaha updated their Revstar range last year I was immediately hooked on it. Many an hour was idled away watching videos. And then I had to have one. Trouble…

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  • A Crack in the Ice – Solo Upload!

    A Crack in the Ice – Solo Upload!

    Incoming!!!!! Just uploaded to SoundCloud one of the solos from the almost ready to roll Remix/Remastered version of Architect of Light (Original Version). The solo here happens at the 14 minute mark and is all clean, funky, organ-tastic goodness! The solo is a clean thing recorded with my Fender Stratocaster and tiny amount of reverb.…

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  • Guitar Rig versus Amplitude

    Those of you following me at twitter will have spotted the odd remark about me testing Native Instruments Guitar Rig and IK Multimedia’s Amplitude. If you don’t already know, these are virtual guitar amp simulations. Possibly, the two leading products in this particular field of music technology. Anyway, for years I have been using a POD XT…

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  • Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl (2011)

    Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl (2011)

    Artist / Title: Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl (2011) Month Reviewed: May 2011 Format: CD Buy: Take away three tracks away from this albums 12, you would likely have the best (or certainly one of the top 5) blues-rock albums of all time. Man, this is a seriously brilliant record. I have never been a particularly…

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  • Spock’s Beard: X

    Spock’s Beard: X

    Artist / Title: Spocks’ Beard: X Month Reviewed: October 2010 Format: CD 10th studio album from this US band (I wonder how they came up with the album title?!) and quite possibly their best. Having said that, it took a good few spins to come to that conclusion. Featuring 5 tracks, some very lengthy indeed,…

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  • Instruments used to make ‘Too Many Goodbyes’

    Instruments used to make ‘Too Many Goodbyes’

    For the curious, here are some of the instruments we used to make the “Too Many Goodbyes” CD Guitars / Amps / Effects Fender USA Standard Stratocaster, 1987 vintage – my pride and joy. I had mine specially ordered in from America. I have had it slightly modifed it by putting in a few extra…

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