• Google Gets it Wrong!

    Google Gets it Wrong!

    Why would Google Music even think of recommending Boney M and Uriah Heep to me? Heep, sure, I have all their releases in my collection. But Boney M!!!!!

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  • Recommended by Google!

    Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday . . . I was perusing my digital music collection for something stimulating to play and look what popped up!

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  • The Pineapple Thief – Google Likes ’em!!

    Don’t know how they managed it, but well done to the Pineapple Thief  for getting to the top of the pile in Google Play’s latest newsletter!! Check out the screenshot below for the newsletter I received today (screenshot taken on Nexus 7):

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  • Oh No!!!! Play Music  (Almost) FULL!!!!

    Oh No!!!! Play Music (Almost) FULL!!!!

    I am only 3 more songs away from reaching the 20,000 song limit on Google Play Music! This is bad news, as I have several thousand more to store! Wah!!

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  • Google Play Music All Access

    For those of you who have signed up for this Google service, you may like to know that all our music is now available for on demand streaming and interactive radio. This means that you can add the albums / songs of your choice to your library as part of your subscription plan. Plus every…

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  • Play Music Annoyance

    Play Music Annoyance

    Been using the using the new Play Music app and overall I like it very much. However, there is one thing (actually, there is more than one thing, but that’s for another day!!!) that is really annoying me….. Fire up the app, play a tune and watch the artwork. See what happens? Instead of staying…

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  • Google App Updates

    Google App Updates

    As a keen tech follower, I was more than a little interested in what was announced at the Google event the other day. For me, the fantastic re-design of Music and Books is more than welcome (see screenshots) but the real beauty is being able to side load, via the website, my own .epub and…

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  • Google Play Music – Access all Areas

    Now this is exciting …. Google play have, or are just about to, introduce a new service in the US called Google Play Music All Areas. With this service, for which you pay a monthly fee, you can stream any track in the store + your own uploads (up to 20,000 tracks). In other words,…

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