• Downloads! Yes, please!

    Downloads! Yes, please!

    I have finally started adding some (well, one!) downloads to our store. Obviously, the first thing to get the treatment is the new album Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World). The version available for download is 24bit48k in FLAC format. This gets you SUPERB audio quality and reasonable file sizes (which are…

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  • CDBaby | Vignettes and Enraptured Now Available

    CDBaby | Vignettes and Enraptured Now Available

    Some great – and brief – news! Both our EPs and the 2012 Remaster of The Nature of Change are now available at CDBaby. They can be had as MP3 or FLAC downloads and all the songs can be streamed in full before making a purchase. If you buy from this vendor, please try and…

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  • Spock’s Beard – Come on Down, the Price is Right!

    Spock’s Beard – Come on Down, the Price is Right!

    What’s this? Another live album from Spock’s Beard? Yes indeed, but this time featuring erstwhile leader Neal Morse on a couple of tracks. However, I am mentioning this album for another reason altogether! Well, two reasons: It’s on Bandcamp, which means I don’t need to put up with poor quality MP3s from the likes of…

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  • CDBaby goes High Res!

    CDBaby goes High Res!

    I’m pleased to report that CDBaby, no doubt inspired by the success of bandcamp, has decided to offer its customers the choice of FLAC audio files in addition to MP3 and CD. This is a great move and I welcome it wholeheartedly. As they already have high resolution files of our tracks, we are good…

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