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Elegant Simplicity - Moments of Clarity

Just thought it worth mentioning that I only have 1 copy of our 1999 release Moments Of Clarity left. That’s right, it’s the last remaining, still sealed copy of this classic album. If you want it, don’t forget you can still get 50% off until Monday using code black_friday_2014. There …

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Architect of Light (2014 Remix/Remaster) – OUT NOW!

Out now is the lovingly remixed and remastered version of our long deleted 2002 album Architect of Light.

Aviable on CD and all formats Digital, the album sounds shiny, new and downright excellent! There are no bonus tracks or anything (it is already 70 minutes long), just 5 tracks that take you on a journey.

As mentioned in previous posts, any version of the album gets you a free 26 page eBook with full lyrics, song notes, credits, history and discography information. It’s a beautiful thing!

Architect of Light - Remix/Remaster
Architect of Light – Remix/Remaster

As usual, you can listen in full and compare with the original release if you have it. I guarantee you will be impressed.

About the CD

Just a quick note about the CD version . . . . . . for the month of November, the only place you can get it from is directly from us. The digital album you can pick up anywhere but you will not get the eBook. In other words, for the complete, best value package, come to us!

YouTube video for “Enraptured II” now online

I posed a new video for our song “Enraptured II” as featured on our brand new Enraptured EP!

As well as that, I finally got around to changing our YouTube URL to something more sensible.

However, the URL I wanted to use is in use by someone who hasn’t used the name in centuries, so I had to have this one instead:(

Even so, it’s still better than the previous one:(

As far as I can tell, either URL will get you where you need to be, but I would recommend updating your bookmarks to the new one.

Don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly prefer the new URL over the old one! What do you think?