• Welcome to Vimeo!

    As you know, Vimeo is a video hosting platform, often touted as a rival to YouTube. They both host videos and that is where the likeness ends! I’ve had an account there for years, but never really used it. Anyway, I was poking around and was reminded how clean it is, how advert free it…

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  • New Video – Ice Capsicum

    The last one! Yep, here is track four, Ice Capsicum, taken from our latest EP Faster Than Ever Before. This is a gorgeous little instrumental piece that passes all too quickly. Enjoy. Don’t forget, if you can Like, Subscribe, Comment or Share the video, it would be a great help and much appreciated.

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  • New Video – Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World) (Radio Edit)

    The hits just keep on coming! Here is the third video from our latest EP Faster Than Ever Before. This time, it is the 3 minute radio edit of epic 18 minute song Reflections! The EP can be purchased here and the album can be purchased here. As usual, if you feel like subscribing to…

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  • New Video – Reflections (Radio Edit)

    New Video – Reflections (Radio Edit)

    Video number two has been released to support the EP Faster Than Ever Before. It’s another simple little animation type thing. Hope you enjoy it! As usual, please Like and Subscribe. it all helps spread the proverbial word!

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  • New EP – Out Now

    New EP – Out Now

    📢 Elegant Simplicity is thrilled to announce the release of our brand new EP, titled Faster Than Ever Before 🎉 Available now on all major music platforms, Faster Than Ever Before features four captivating songs that showcase our eclectic music at its best. Read all about it in our Discography Page. 🎧 Listen to Faster…

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  • Faster Than Ever Before (2023)

    Faster Than Ever Before (2023)

    This EP is a compilation of previously released radio edits and an album track taken from Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World).  The four songs fit together perfectly for a streamlined listening experience if you are not in the mood for epics!  As a result, if you already have these radio edits,…

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  • Enraptured EP (2014)

    Enraptured EP (2014)

    Here is our first release of 2014 – the Enraptured EP. The Enraptured EP features 3 brand new songs (early versions of which were previewed on SoundCloud. Featuring hints of electronica, pulse driven atmospherica and full on progressive / hard rock and jazz-fusion, this is a varied and melodic collection of tunes. Enjoy. Release Info…

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  • Vignettes EP (2009)

    Vignettes EP (2009)

    The Vignettes EP by Elegant Simplicity is a collection of 5 songs, thematically linked – stylistically similar – but different to each other! The first track One Tiny Moment of Joy has skittish percussion and a synth solo that fair zips along before an unexpected acoustic guitar solo with a very Pink Floyd like progression!…

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