Experiments in Layout

In case you think you may be going slightly loopy, I am here to inform you that you are not! If you are a frequent visitor to our site, you can’t help but notice the ever changing layout . . . . . I am busy testing various things in …

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Web Site Re-Launch

Homepage Screenshot May 2013

Well, here we are but a few months in from the last website relaunch . . .  with another one! I liked the last version very much, but couldn’t help feeling that something was missing. No idea what that something was, though! So, once again I set to work looking …

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Scribus The best and, possibly, the only Open Source DTP software in the world. I used it for the re-release of our Palindrome CD. Totally professional application. Fabulous.


Inkscape Another Open Source treasure, this is seriously good now it has reached version 0.47. It is better – in many respects – than Illustrator, the industry standard.