• Feeling Fruity

    Feeling Fruity

    The other day, I spent the most money on an Android app than I have spent before: the princely sum of £12.90 And the app that got me spending money was Fruity Loops Mobile (check out the fab 1280×800 screenshots!). I have never used the desktop version of the app, and I have no idea…

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  • How I Re-Mastered “Reversal of Time” using Reaper

    How I Re-Mastered “Reversal of Time” using Reaper

    Reversal of Time was a commercially released progressive rock CD in 1997. It sold out and was never re-pressed. It now sells for silly money if you can find it. Anyway, due to demand, I decided to revisit this old record with a view to placing it into my download shop. I’d like to put…

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