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  • Nowhere Left to Turn (2006)

    Nowhere Left to Turn (2006)

    Clocking in at 54 minutes and just 4 tracks, this is the best album we have ever made: it’s the most in yer face, guitar crunching, hammond rocking album yet! Track 1, In Passing (6.34) is a rollicking guitar fest with some ace riffs and pounding hammond. A great opening number that has a slinky…

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  • Studies in Heartbreak (2005)

    Studies in Heartbreak (2005)

    Beautiful music, great guitar and keyboards and a wonderfully epic sound combine to bring you a musical concoction to savour: outrageous time signatures, shifting tempos, country, jazz, progressive rock, funk and goodness knows what else! A marvellously eclectic album that gets better with every listen. Release Info Proximity Records | ESCD 17 | Wed 01-06-…

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  • Anhedonia (2004)

    Anhedonia (2004)

    After a two year wait – the longest gap between ES albums ever – the new studio album is finally upon us! As you can guess by the song titles, this is another conceptual piece. Musically, the album is very dark, brooding and littered with mellotrons. This is our most orchestral sounding release, too, with…

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  • Architect of Light (2002)

    Architect of Light (2002)

    Based on the adventures of a collective determined to escape a society enslaved for aeons by technology and the Architect of Light, the album follows their progress towards redemption and, finally, freedom. This 70 minute master-work fuses rock, progressive rock, jazz and folk into a dazzling display of showmanship and skill. Always melodic and challenging,…

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  • The Story of Our Lives (2000)

    The Story of Our Lives (2000)

    This is the 12th Elegant Simplicity album and undoubtedly one of the best releases of 2000. Featuring one large scale composition (divided into 12 chunks for easy location of favourite bits!), this conceptual piece is a real tour de force of musical styles. Featuring epic guitar and keyboard solos, Japanese influenced mellow bits and full-on…

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  • Moments of Clarity (1999)

    Moments of Clarity (1999)

    Album number 11 and, without a doubt, the best one yet! Featuring 5 songs and 2 instrumentals, this is sure to please every fan of quality rock music. You want heavy rocking Hammond thrashing? Do you want lush orchestral ballads and complex epics? You got the lot on this magnificent opus. Featuring guitar as the…

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  • Endless Longing (1994)

    Endless Longing (1994)

    Like Inside The Hurting, another guitar free album. This is a concept work, mainly based around piano and synth. No guitar (except for the MIDI Guitar) and it ends with the completely drum-free title track, edited from 22 mins to 11.54.  If I still had the 22-minute version, it would have been a bonus track! The…

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