CD Baby, CD RIP!

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As everyone knows, we have had a very long association with CDBaby but the time has come to make a change. Namely, we will no longer be selling CDs via that channel once their inventory has depleted. I had actually decided this some time ago, but have only got around …

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Warner Bros Challenge

Since we began releasing CDs, we have always priced them at well below market rate. Primarily, to give you a good deal and also because CDs were too expensive. Nowadays, if you shop on-line, most CDs can be had for around £8.99 (unless it’s osbcure / prog stuff!!). However, lots of indie / prog bands still sell them for around £11.99 – £16.99 and then sting you for postage! We have never done this. I think now, as I did then, that £7.99 to £8.99 is a fair price for a well recorded, professionally manufactured CD of great music. Such as ours 🙂