We Heard About the Sell Out!

Sold Out Sign

A few more of our Compact Disc albums have now sold out, so I thought I would list all the sold-out ones together! And in a gallery! Click any image and a gallery will pop up showing each album in detail. Nice.

It’s Alive!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I now have a provisional release date for the new album. I am booking the CD pressing plant today and will share more news as it comes in. Keep in the loop by joining the email list below. Note that the CD will be a strictly limited edition, too.

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Unforgivably Out of Stock, Almost!!

Unforgiving Mirror

The CD version of our most current album Unforgiving Mirror is almost sold out. In fact, there are only two copies left! If you have been intending to make a purchase, now is your chance!

Better get your skates on!

Better get your skates on as it turns out that there are just SEVEN copies left of the CD version of Unforgiving Mirror. This has even taken me by surprise! Unforgiving Mirror by Elegant Simplicity

Architect of Light – Mixing Complete

Architect Of Light

Finally, I am pleased to report that the mixing of Architect of Light is now complete. From tomorrow, I will be spending as long as it takes on the production master before I am happy with its readiness.

To that end, I am pencilling in Mon 3rd November as the release date.

The mixing process went better than I had anticipated, which was a relief: those long tracks are terribly tricky to get right! As well as the music, I am revamping the artwork and creating an exclusive downloadable package to go with it, too.

Look out, shortly, for more extracts on Soundcloud.

February Newsletter

There is so little news this month that I have decided not to send out a newsletter. However, I will say that the new CD is sounding absolutely awesome! Featuring 3 10 minute + tracks and one mighty, meaty, prog-a-licious 20 minute beauty, this is killer stuff. So close to …

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Bjorn Lynne in the Shop

I recently added Bjorne Lynne’s fantastic 2001 CD “The Gods Awaken” to our on-line shop (in the “Other Artists” section) . I only have a few of these original issues left: brand new, shrink-wrapped etc. Released on Proximity Records, this sold out very quickly and remains to this day one …

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Mad April Sale!

Right now, until the end of April 2010, we have a mad, crazy, barking crackers, lunatic sale on !!!! Any CD in the shop is just £5.99 or less! That’s right, a massive saving of £3.00 per CD. From the 1st of May, the prices will go up again, so …

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