• Listen to “Inconsistent Echoes”

    Listen to “Inconsistent Echoes”

    Called Inconsistent Echoes, this tune is a prime slab of Prog-Funk-Rock! Sounds impossible, but it works. It’s very funky, has a mean Canterbury style organ solo + mad crazy wah-wah guitars. On top of that is an old radio sample that I like but am not convinced I want to keep! Check it out and…

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  • Syd Arthur – Moving World EP (2012)

    Syd Arthur – Moving World EP (2012)

    Just discovered this band and picked up the EP at Bandcamp (where else?!). There are four tracks and you could describe it as Psychedelic/Canterbury inspired prog rock. Sort of. Regardless of what you choose to call it, though, it is well written,  beautifully played and quirkily sung. The last track is a stunner, though: echoes of…

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