New Album – Out Now!!!

All Life is One - Front Cover

Yay! It’s finally out” Our new album ALL LIFE IS ONE is available right now direct from us. In a few weeks time you will be able to pick it from iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify etc. But for this brief time, you can only buy direct from the band. That …

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Spock’s Beard – Come on Down, the Price is Right!

Spock's Beard - Live at Sea (2014)

What’s this? Another live album from Spock’s Beard? Yes indeed, but this time featuring erstwhile leader Neal Morse on a couple of tracks.

However, I am mentioning this album for another reason altogether! Well, two reasons:

  1. It’s on Bandcamp, which means I don’t need to put up with poor quality MP3s from the likes of Amazon / Google | iTunes etc
  2. It’s being sold for a sensible price: $7.00

This is a great deal. Some bands seen to think they can get away with charging more than the cost of the actual CD! Ridiculous.

So, kudos to the Beard. I pre-ordered my copy and am pleased to say it is excellent. I will likely review it when I can.

Bandcamp Gift Service

Bandcamp put out a really interesting and useful update the other week: you can now send any album or track as a gift! Yep, if there’s someone in your life that requires a little Elegant Simplicity (other artists are available!) then simply click the Gift link and off you go. …

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Bandcamp Media Players

Recently, Bandcamp re-vamped their already great embedded media players into something even better!  All three versions look fantastic: smooth, crisp and pretty slick. To show them off, I have placed Palindrome directly on the homepage. Don’t forget, if you have a website and would like some free music for it, …

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