New Single – Out Now

Kiss Away The Pain (Again)

Those of you not into Bandcamp (?) can now listen to the new single via the usual streaming platforms. Don’t forget, the single is free to own – in any format of your choosing – via Bandcamp. Learn more about this song?

Bandcamp Fridays

Those of you who buy music directly from the artist via Bandcamp (THANK YOU!) will already know that during the course of the COVID pandemic, they have been waving their fees so that the artist gets 100% of the money from any sales made on a Friday during March. This …

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Gift Card? Sure!!!

Well, those nice chaps at Bandcamp have gone and launched Bandcamp Gift Cards! So, if you are stuck for a last minute gift for someone, it couldn’t be easier to give the gift of music: select a design, choose a value, pop in an email address and the recipient gets …

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Spock’s Beard – Come on Down, the Price is Right!

Spock's Beard - Live at Sea (2014)

What’s this? Another live album from Spock’s Beard? Yes indeed, but this time featuring erstwhile leader Neal Morse on a couple of tracks.

However, I am mentioning this album for another reason altogether! Well, two reasons:

  1. It’s on Bandcamp, which means I don’t need to put up with poor quality MP3s from the likes of Amazon / Google | iTunes etc
  2. It’s being sold for a sensible price: $7.00

This is a great deal. Some bands seen to think they can get away with charging more than the cost of the actual CD! Ridiculous.

So, kudos to the Beard. I pre-ordered my copy and am pleased to say it is excellent. I will likely review it when I can.

Evolution: The First Signs of Life . . . . . . Revived!

Evolution The First Signs of Life

Ken Senior released a CD ‘The First Signs of Life’ on the Italian Mellow Records label way back in 1996. It has been out of print, I believe, for years. Anyway, I discovered the other day that Mellow Records are seemingly porting their back catalogue onto Bandcamp! And, among the …

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Bandcamp Gift Service

Bandcamp put out a really interesting and useful update the other week: you can now send any album or track as a gift! Yep, if there’s someone in your life that requires a little Elegant Simplicity (other artists are available!) then simply click the Gift link and off you go. …

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