Reversal of TimeTime (1997)

Reversal of Time Reviews List

Source Reviewed By Date
Sonitus Greger Ronnqvist 01/10/1998
Prog-Resiste Unknown Issue #14, 1998
Gaston College Radio Captain MDA 01/12/1997
Wondrous Stories Jenny Allen Issue #65, May 1997
Progressor Vitaly Menshikov 01/05/2000
Acid Dragon Roland Roque Issue #21, July 1998
Stormbringer Derek Daniel 01/10/1998
Modern Dance David W. Hughes Issue #53, Feb 1998
Progression Magazine Tony Franci Issue #11, Spring/Summer 1997
Alternate View Frank Blades 08/07/1997
Space Of The Jester Carlos J. Tavares 20/02/1998
Paperlate Magazine Ezio Candrini Issue #39, 1997
Cranium Music Richard Stockwell 03/09/1997
iO Pages Freek Wolf Issue #09, August 1997
Feedback Magazine Kevin Rowland Issue #42, June 1997
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