Purity and Despair (1998)

Purity and Despair

Purity and Despair Reviews List

Source Reviewed By Date
Wondrous Stories Martin Hudson Issue #75, March 1998
Jurriaan Hage’s Progressive Rock Pages Jurriaan Hage 05/05/1998
Compact Disc Services Andy Garibaldi 18/05/1998
Feedback Magazine Kevin Rowland Issue #70, November 2002
Space Of The Jester Carlos J. Tavares 28/05/1998
Progressor Vitaly Menshikov 20/12/1999
Progression Magazine John Collinge Issue #27, Spring/Summer 1998
Soundoo.com Mr Bean 11/12/2004
Atropos Magazine Jose Luis Martinez Issue #12, March 1999
Rock In Access Sabotti Luigi 01/04/1999
Acid Dragon Vitaly Menshikov Issue #26, Feb 2000
Paperlate Magazine Ezio Candrini 01/06/1999
Modern Dance Slipper Issue #24, October 1998
Sonitus Greger Ronnqvist 01/10/1998
Prog-Resiste Dr Prog Issue #15, 1999
Alternate View Frank Blades 02/06/1998
Empire Magazine Martin Dambeck Issue #43, May/June 1998
Eurock Online Archie Patterson 29/03/1998
Progarchives Thomas Szirmay 24/04/2009
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