Architect of Light (2002)

Architect of Light (2014 Remaster)

Architect of Light Reviews List

Source Reviewed By Date
Feedback Magazine Kevin Rowland Issue #69, 2002 Jedd Beaudoin 12/08/2002
Axiom Of Choice Roberto Lambooy 12/09/2002
The Fuzzbox Stuart Kubleney 01/07/2002
New Horizons Marisa Hill 31/07/2002
The Blunt Review Liquid Cindy 25/07/2001
The Freak Emporium Kozmik Ken 01/06/2002
Colossus Magazine Kalevi Heino Issue #19, June 2002
Progressor Vitaly Menshikov 03/06/2002
Strutter’zine Gabor Kleinbloesem 30/06/2002
Progarchives Dieter Fischer 23/02/2005
Dutch Progressive Rock Pages Bob Mulvey 01/01/2003
Compact Disc Services Andy Graibaldi 11/08/2002
Arlequins Alberto Nucci Not Known
National Review Online S. T. Karnick 27/12/2002
Babyblaue Jörg Schumann 29/10/2003
Classic Rock Society Bernard Law Issue #127, August 2002
Modern Dance Majikthise Issue #41, November 2002
The Rotters Club Peppe 01/09/2003
Progressive Newsletter Kristian Selm 01/09/2002
Progarchives Thomas Szirmay April 2009
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