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There are hundreds and hundreds of reviews dotted around the internet and in print . . . somewhere! This section of elegantsimplicity.com attempts to document each and every one of them. Complete and unabridged – the good, the bad and all points in between.

However, as no one seems to spend too much time reading them any more, the detailed listings have been killed off for now until I can figure out the best way to display them. In the meantime, please find below some summary information.

Reviews of music only partially tell a story: the best way to judge if you are going to like something is to ignore the reviews and take the tunes for a spin. To that end, our store allows you to stream every track off every album IN FULL, FOR FREE!

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Reviews by Country

Country Reviews
Belgium 11
Canada 1
Finland 3
France 11
Germany 8
Italy 10
New Zealand 1
Portugal 1
Spain 7
Sweden 6
The Netherlands 17
UK 49
USA 27
Uzbekistan 10

Reviews by Album

Reviewed Album Reviews
Anhedonia (2004) 9
Aquatorium (2004) 1
Architect Of Light (2002) 21
Changing Views (1997) 2
Crying To The Future (1994) 2
Moments Of Clarity (1999) 19
Natural Instinct (1995) 3
Nowhere Left To Turn (2006) 2
Palindrome (2001) 22
Purity and Despair (1998) 19
Reversal of Time (1997) 15
Studies In Heartbreak (2005) 7
The Nature of Change (1996) 14
The Story of Our Lives (2000) 13
Too Many Goodbyes (2007) 8
Unforgiving Mirror (2013) 5

Reviews by Source

Source Country Reviews
Acid Dragon France 3
All Things Prog UK 1
Alternate View UK 4
Amplified (Rock Special Interest Group (SIG) of British Mensa) UK 1
Angry Magazine UK 3
Arlequins Italy 2
Articmist.org Italy 1
Atropos Magazine Spain 3
Axiom Of Choice The Netherlands 1
Babyblaue Germany 1
Background Magazine The Netherlands 3
Catchy Hooks Sweden 1
Classic Rock Society UK 1
Colossus Magazine Finland 3
Compact Disc Services UK 8
Cranium Music New Zealand 1
Dead Earnest UK 1
Dutch Progressive Rock Pages The Netherlands 3
Empire Magazine Germany 4
Eurock Online USA 1
Feedback Magazine UK 10
Gaston College Radio USA 2
Gonzo Weekly UK 1
Harmonie Magaziine France 1
Harmonie Magazine France 4
iO Pages The Netherlands 3
Jeremy Morris USA 1
Jurriaan Hage’s Progressive Rock Pages The Netherlands 2
Margen Magazine Spain 1
Metal Inside Germany 1
Modern Dance UK 3
National Review Online USA 1
New Horizons UK 5
Paperlate Magazine Italy 3
Profil Radio, Quebec Canada 1
Prog-PT Portugal 1
Prog-Resiste Belgium 6
Prog4You USA 1
Progarchives USA 11
Progfreaks.com USA 2
Progression Magazine USA 4
Progressive Newsletter Germany 2
Progressiveworld.net USA 1
Progressor Uzbekistan 10
Progwereld.org The Netherlands 2
Record Heaven Sweden 1
Rock In Access Italy 1
Rock In Progress France 1
Sonitus Sweden 4
Soundoo.com Belgium 5
Space Of The Jester Spain 3
Stormbringer UK 3
Strutter’ziine The Netherlands 1
Strutter’zine The Netherlands 2
The Blunt Review USA 1
The Freak Emporium UK 2
The Fuzzbox UK 1
The Rotters Club Italy 3
Underground Society France 2
Wondrous Stories UK 5
Ytsejam.com USA 1


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