Elegant Simplicity – The Nature of Change


Our eighth album and the first to appear on CD! 6 vocal tracks and one instrumental. The songs are very poppy, in a prog-rock kind of way, and proved very popular. It was the instrumental title track, however, that really grabbed everyone’s attention: without doubt, it truly stirred the imagination. A genuine classic. Never has 43 minutes passed so quickly!

  • Format: Compact Disc
  • Released: 1996
  • Tracks: 7
  • Design: 4 Page Full Colour Booklet and Liner
  • Picture Disc: No
  • Shrink Wrapped: No

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  1. Now Is The Time (03:43)
  2. Mr Stone’s Lament (03:21)
  3. Take Me To The River (03:48)
  4. As Real As You Think (06:59)
  5. Tied to Earth (03:37)
  6. 20th Century Breakdown (10:36)
  7. The Nature Of Change (43:09)


Steven McCabe: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Guitar Synth, Wind Synth, Keyboards, Programming, Flute
Ken Senior: Vocals


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