Elegant Simplicity – Anhedonia


Compact Disc | Released: 2004 | Tracks: 7

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  1. Anhedonia I: The Gateway (11:05)
  2. Anhedonia II: The Other Side (05:04)
  3. Anhedonia III: When Hearts Meet (03:23)
  4. Anhedonia IV: When Sparks Fly (11:50)
  5. Anhedonia V: Desperate Hours Alone (07:45)
  6. Anhedonia VI: Lost (19:03)
  7. Anhedonia VII: It Will Always Be You (09:13)

Released in 2004, after a two year wait – the longest gap between ES albums ever! As you can guess by the song titles, this is another conceptual piece.

Musically, the album is very dark, brooding and littered with mellotrons. This is our most orchestral sounding release, too, with several thematically linked pieces tying up the loose ends in the narrative. Lashings of guitar and moog solos, and a fantastic sound quality make this one album you simply have to hear to believe.

‘Lost’ is the major epic on the album and it swings from gentle piano and oboe passages to orchestral themes and sounds. The final section brings in the full band as it veers from jazz to epic progressive rock, culminating in a fantastic synth coda and guitar wig out!

The other major highlight is the final track ‘It Will Always Be You’. Featuring a killer melody, harpsichord and the longest ES guitar solo on record for the finale and you have something very special indeed.

Released December 20, 2004


Steven McCabe: Guitars, Bass, Flute, Keyboards, Samples, Programming and anything else that came to hand!
Christopher Knight: Drums

All songs composed, arranged, produced and engineered by Steven McCabe


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