Elegant Simplicity – All Life is One


I truly believe this release to be amongst the best of our catalogue. As usual, the songs are diverse and involving but still retain their trademark melodic sound. There is also a much harder guitar sound than seen of late and the sax and violin solos make for a much more dynamic and involving listen. Great vocals, sax and violin, too!

  • Format: Compact Disc
  • Released: October 2nd 2015
  • Tracks: 5
  • Design: 4 Page Full Colour Booklet and Liner
  • Picture Disc: Yes
  • Shrink Wrapped: Yes

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  1. Master of Shadows (10:24)
  2. Falling to the Ground (07:32)
  3. All Life is One (09:08)
  4. Love is Transferred (06:14)
  5. Tin Rattler (07:44)


Steven McCabe – guitars and keyboards
Nathaniel Graham – drums
William Stewart – violin
Nathan Madsen – sax
David Lipari Jr – vocals
Allen Bruce Ray – native american flutes
Hendrick Valera – flute
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, Damjan Kapor, Justin Bassman – bass guitar

Newsreel samples courtesy of archive.org

All songs composed, arranged, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Steven McCabe


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