History: Part 4 (2011 – 2014)

After releasing the free compilation album As It Was, all thoughts turned to the next full studio release.

As usual, there were plenty of songs on the go; it was now a case of deciding what to do with them!

Whilst those kinds of thoughts were buzzing round my head, I had a long hard look at the original demo for the Nature of Change, in its originally conceived one song album form.

After deciding to go for it, I totally remastered the music in 2012, putting in the part markers that were missing from the original CD and released the entire album via Bandcamp!

In July 2014, I released the 3 track Enraptured EP. Featuring three brand new songs and a guest drummer, the EP showed some nice fusion and hard rock chops!

I continued to work on the next album, entitled Unforgiving Mirror, and it was finally released in two CD variants as well as a digital album. The deluxe CD sold out almost immediately and will no doubt go on to become a collectors album of high worth!

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