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Various Artist Compilations

These are Various Artists releases which have featured the music of Elegant Simplicity. From magazine cover-mounts to tribute albums, this is where you will find the details!

Powerplay Power Files, Chapter 32 (2007)

Powerplay is a UK based Rock and Metal Magazine featuring a cover-mounted CD, known as Power Files. Issue 94 featured Power Files Chapter 32 and on it…

Hometech Music Club
HomeTech Music Club: Issue 1 (1994)

Hometech Music Club was an organisation dedicated to the promotion of unsigned acts. They published a monthly newsletter and a cassette featuring vari…

Sonic Bilby
Sonic Bilby: Sampler Tape 1 (1997)

Sonic Bilby was an Australian based Prog/Space-Rock/Ambient/Psychedelia specialist. The cassette was available for $A5 (five Australian Dollars), plus…

Computer Shopper
Computer Shopper: Osmosis 11 (2000)

Computer Shopper is a UK based monthly magazine all about, er, computers! Each month, they feature an album’s worth of music in MP3 format from …

BURBS Too (1999)

BURBS (British Underground Rock Bands) are an organisation dedicated to getting exposure to underground British/UK bands. This is their second collect…