Falling to the Ground (2015)


Falling to the Ground is the first single to be taken from All Life is One. It is backed by an alternate non-album version of Love is Transferred, featuring a different vocalist and an entirely different arrangement.


  1. Falling to the Ground (Single Edit) (5.59)
  2. Love is Transferred (Alt. Vocal Version) (5.56)

Release Information

Label Cat # Year Format Buy
Proximity Records ESDD20151106 6th November 2015 Digital Buy Now


  • Steven McCabe ‐ Guitars and Keyboards
  • Nathaniel Graham ‐ Drums
  • Ruthle ‐ Vocals (“Love is Transferred”)
  • Allen Bruce Ray ‐ Native American Flutes
  • William Stewart ‐ Violin
  • David Lipari Jr ‐ Vocals (“Falling to the Ground”)
  • Jair‐Rohm Parker Wells ‐ Bass Guitar (“Falling to the Ground”)
  • Justin Bassman ‐ Bass Guitar (‘Love is Transferred”)

All songs composed, arranged, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Steven McCabe August / September 2015 at Propinquity Studios, Cheshire, UK

Art Design and layout by Steven McCabe, with special thanks to morguefile for some of the photographic elements.