These are items we have released and given away free to our mailing list or items that have been used to tempt some hapless record company into giving us a deal! Needless to say, these items are now extremely rare!

Complete Promo List

Changing Views (1997)

Changing Views (1997)

This cassette only release featured tracks originally destined for the albums 'The Nature Of Change' and 'Reversal Of Time' , but for which there was no room. Came complete with a separate lyric sheet...

Give it a Listen, Give it a Chance (1992)

Yet more dodgy singing featured on this follow up to ESP 1. The songs were uniformly excellent, the delivery wasn't! Check out that seriously dodgy cover for a lesson in how not to draw a cassette sleeve!...

6 Track Promo Cassette (1991)

This release was the start of Elegant Simplicity proper, with Steven McCabe handling the vocal chores - very badly! The songs on this cassette were recorded with the intention of attracting a recording...