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These are compilation albums either released by Proximity Records / Elegant Music or third party labels.

Aquatorium (Demos and Rare Tracks) (Remaster)
Aquatorium (Demos and Rare Tracks) (Remaster) (2022)

This album is a collection of Demos and Rare tracks recorded between October 1994 and October 2003. …

As It Was (2010)

This is a collection of eleven tracks from 10 of our most recent CDs, in reverse chronological order…

Elegant Simplicity - Several Bits Of
Several Bits of . . . (1994)

This compilation of Elegant Simplicity tracks was released by the Hometech Music Club – an org…

Aquatorium (2004)

AQUATORIUM is 78 minutes of demos/unreleased/new and seriously rare tracks from the Elegant Simplici…