The Story of Our Lives (2000)

This is the 12th Elegant Simplicity album and undoubtedly one of the best releases of 2000. Featuring one large scale composition (divided into 12 chunks for easy location of favourite bits!), this conceptual piece is a real tour de force of musical styles. Featuring epic guitar and keyboard solos, Japanese influenced mellow bits and full-on symphonic extravagance, this album is not to be missed!

Release Info

  • Proximity Records | ESCD 12 | 2000 | CD | Available


  1. Part I/ First Meeting (2.29)
  2. Part II/ Behind The Glances: First Look (6.21)
  3. Part III/ Anguish And Betrayal (6.08)
  4. Part IV/ Fluttering Heart (1.47)
  5. Part V/ Sleepless: Episode One (4.56)
  6. Part VI/ It All Starts Here (4.53)
  7. Part VII/ Second Meeting (4.47)
  8. Part VIII/ Sleepless: Episode Two (3.12)
  9. Part IX/ In Your Presence (1.45)
  10. Part X/ Realisation (2.02)
  11. Part XI/ Behind The Glances: Second Look (5.13)
  12. Part XII/ More Than Goodbye (4.15)

Line Up