Endless Longing (1994)

Like Inside The Hurting, another guitar free album.

This is a concept work, mainly based around piano and synth. No guitar (except for the guitar synth) and it ends with the completely drum-free title track, edited from 22 mins to 12.04.  The original release included sleeve-notes containing the story behind the concept. They are reproduced in full below, along with the original cassette sleeve.

Release Info

  • Proximity Records | ESDD 06 | 2007 | MP3 Album | Deleted
  • Proximity Records | ESCD 06 | 1999 | CD-R | Deleted
  • Proximity Records | ESA 6 | 1994 | Cassette | Deleted


  1. Incidentally (4.14)
  2. The Visitor (2.35)
  3. 1948 (8.01)
  4. Re-percussions (3.29)
  5. Anabel Sims (2.05)
  6. The Third Principle (8.45)
  7. Nobody Else (1.20)
  8. Endless Longing (12.07)
    1. First Wish
    2. Longing
    3. Second Wish
    4. Waltz on Water
    5. Endless Longing

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe: Keyboards, Guitar Synth, Programming, All Compositions, Arrangements and Production

Cassette Release

On the original cassette album, tracks 1-5 appeared on Side 1 and 6-8 appeared on Side 2.

An Electronic Journey into Solace

A chance encounter. A sudden need to communicate. Any excuse. INCIDENTALLY. War is raging. Conflict. Tearing them apart. THE VISITOR arrives. Brooding menace. Veiled treachery. 1948. It’s over. Optimism. Triumph. And then the RE-PERCUSSIONS. She is alone. ANABEL SIMS. Finally alone: he is taken from her …

Hard. Harder than anything she’s ever had to do. To sacrifice; the ultimate, tragic confirmation of humanity. THE THIRD PRINCIPLE. She had to do it. Without him, there could be NOBODY ELSE.

Finally, he is free. Home. It’s empty – just a note. Everything is gone. He sits on the floor, clutching her photograph – all they would allow. Tears, regret, anger and hope. Nothing is left. Just a longing, an ENDLESS LONGING. A pain that never goes. A pain that never ends.