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Since 1992, as Elegant Simplicity, we have released 20+ studio albums of original material. Each release is described in full, accompanied by artwork, track listings, collectors notes etc.

The Ghost of a Smile
The Ghost of a Smile (2019)

New for 2019 is this latest ELEGANT SIMPLICITY release “The Ghost of a Smile“, featuring…

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Elegant Simplicity - Kicking the Olive Branch
Kicking the Olive Branch (2017)

About Kicking the Olive Branch New for 2017 is this latest ELEGANT SIMPLICITY release “Kicking…

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Elegant Simplicity - All Life is One
All Life is One (2015)

This album took longer to make than anticipated on account of abandoning the original demos / record…

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Unforgiving Mirror
Unforgiving Mirror (2013)

After 5 years – the longest gap in our history – comes the new album Unforgiving Mirror.…

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Elegant Simplicity - Too Many Goodbyes
Too Many Goodbyes (2007)

Elegant Simplicity are back with their first vocal album since the critical and commercial success o…

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Nowhere Left to Turn (2006)

Clocking in at 54 minutes and just 4 tracks, this is the best album we have ever made: it’s th…

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Elegant Simplicity - Studies In Heartbreak
Studies in Heartbreak (2005)

Beautiful music, great guitar and keyboards and a wonderfully epic sound combine to bring you a musi…

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Anhedonia (2004)

After a two year wait – the longest gap between ES albums ever – the new studio album is…

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Architect of Light (2014 Remaster)
Architect of Light (2002)

Based on the adventures of a collective determined to escape a society enslaved for aeons by technol…

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Elegant Simplicity - Palindrome
Palindrome (2001)

Album number 13, and what an absolute stormer! Title track sounds like a cross between Nirvana and P…

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The Story of Our Lives (2020 Remaster)
The Story of Our Lives (2000)

This is the 12th Elegant Simplicity album and undoubtedly one of the best releases of 2000. Featurin…

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Moments of Clarity - 2020 Remaster
Moments of Clarity (1999)

Album number 11 and, without a doubt, the best one yet! Featuring 5 songs and 2 instrumentals, this …

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Purity and Despair (2020 Remaster)
Purity and Despair (1998)

This is the 10th Elegant Simplicity album and the first all-instrumental release since ‘Natura…

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Reversal of Time - Remaster
Reversal of Time (1997)

This was our 9th album and second to be released on CD, way back in 1997. Like the previous few albu…

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Elegant Simplicity - The Nature of Change
The Nature of Change (1996)

The eighth album and the first to appear on CD! An album of 2 halves – 6 vocal tracks and one …

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Natural Instinct (Remaster)
Natural Instinct (1995)

This is a collection of short instrumental tracks that started life as guitar duets – I still …

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Endless Longing (2020 Remaster)
Endless Longing (1994)

Like Inside The Hurting, another guitar free album. This is a concept work, mainly based around pian…

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Crying to the Future (Remaster)
Crying to the Future (1994)

Crying to the Future was our 5th album release and second or third of 1994. It was originally releas…

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Inside the Hurting (2020 Remaster) - Front_x1200
Inside the Hurting (1994)

Welcome to our 4th album Inside the Hurting. I will say right now that this will polarize! This is q…

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Blinded By Time (2020 Remaster)_RGB@1200
Blinded by Time (1993)

Blinded by Time was our third album, featuring songs that were written and recorded between March an…

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Nocturnal Implications (2020 Remaster)
Nocturnal Implications (1992)

This is the second album and features 6 songs recorded around September 1992. As all the songs were …

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Improper Advances (2020 Remaster)
Improper Advances (1992)

This was the first Elegant Simplicity album. It is made up of songs recorded between 1990 and 1992 u…

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