Since 1992, as Elegant Simplicity, we have released 20+ studio albums of original material. Each release is described in full, accompanied by artwork, track listings, collectors notes etc.

Complete Albums List

The Ghost of a Smile (2019)
Kicking the Olive Branch (2017)
All Life is One (2015)
Unforgiving Mirror (2013)
The Nature of Change (2012 Original Version Remaster)
Too Many Goodbyes (2007)
Nowhere Left to Turn (2006)
Studies in Heartbreak (2005)
Anhedonia (2004)
Architect of Light (2002)
Palindrome (2001)
The Story of Our Lives (2000)
Moments of Clarity (1999)
Purity and Despair (1998)
Reversal of Time (1997)
The Nature of Change (1996)
Natural Instinct (1995)
Endless Longing (1994)
Crying to the Future (1994)
Inside the Hurting (1994)
Blinded by Time (1993)
Nocturnal Implications (1992)
Improper Advances (1992)