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The Elegant Simplicity recordings catalogue is quite large and has been growing steadily since 1992. However, the recording career of bandleader Steven McCabe goes back to 1985!

The scope of this discography includes all official band albums, compilation albums, tribute albums, third party projects etc. Each release is shown with artwork, full description, track-listings, and catalogue numbers. Truly, a collector’s paradise!

Note that where the music is available for purchase, there will be a “Buy or Listen to” link that will take you straight to that product in our Official Store.

Elegant Simplicity - In Fa Mi
In Fa Mi (2022)
Elegant Simplicity - Project B
Project B (2022)
Aquatorium (Demos and Rare Tracks) (Remaster)
Aquatorium (Demos and Rare Tracks) (Remaster) (2022)
Just Another Goodbye
Just Another Goodbye (2022)
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (2021)
Warm Space II
Warm Space II (2021)
Warm Space I
Warm Space I (2021)
Kiss Away The Pain (Again)
Kiss Away the Pain (Again) (2020)
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (2020)
The Ghost of a Smile
The Ghost of a Smile (2019)
In The Bleak Mid Winter
In The Bleak Mid Winter (2019)
Good King Wencesla
Good King Wenceslas (2018)
Ilmarinen’s Bride of Gold (2018)
Elegant Simplicity - Silent Night
Silent Night (2017)
Passing Fancy
Passing Fancy (I, II) (2017 Remix)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (2016)
Elegant Simplicity - Kicking the Olive Branch
Kicking the Olive Branch (2017)
Passing Fancy
Passing Fancy (I, II) (2015)
Elegant Simplicity - Love is Transferred
Love is Transferred (2015)
Falling to the Ground (2015)
Elegant Simplicity - All Life is One
All Life is One (2015)
Enraptured EP
Enraptured EP (2014)
Unforgiving Mirror
Unforgiving Mirror (2013)
As It Was (2010)
Bjorn Lynne – The Gods Awaken (2001)
Vignettes EP
Vignettes EP (2009)
Sampler Tape 2 (1996)
Sampler Tape 1 (1995)
Elegant Simplicity - Too Many Goodbyes
Too Many Goodbyes (2007)
Give it a Listen, Give it a Chance
Give it a Listen, Give it a Chance (1992)
Steven Michael: Stranger In Your Shadow (1985)
Other Voices - Time To Fly
Other Voices: Time To Fly EP (1990)
Powerplay Power Files, Chapter 32 (2007)
Higher and Higher: a Tribute to the Moody Blues (2005)
Nowhere Left to Turn (2006)
Hometech Music Club
HomeTech Music Club: Issue 1 (1994)
Kalevala: A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic (2003)
Sonic Bilby
Sonic Bilby: Sampler Tape 1 (1997)
Elegant Simplicity - Studies In Heartbreak
Studies in Heartbreak (2005)
Anhedonia (2004)
Architect of Light (2014 Remaster)
Architect of Light (2002)
Elegant Simplicity - Palindrome
Palindrome (2001)
The Story of Our Lives (2020 Remaster)
The Story of Our Lives (2000)
Moments of Clarity - 2020 Remaster
Moments of Clarity (1999)
Purity and Despair (2020 Remaster)
Purity and Despair (1998)
Reversal of Time - Remaster
Reversal of Time (1997)
The Nature of Change
The Nature of Change (1996)
Natural Instinct (Remaster)
Natural Instinct (1995)
Endless Longing (2020 Remaster)
Endless Longing (1994)
Crying to the Future (Remaster)
Crying to the Future (1994)
Inside the Hurting (2020 Remaster) - Front_x1200
Inside the Hurting (1994)
Blinded By Time (2020 Remaster)_RGB@1200
Blinded by Time (1993)
Nocturnal Implications (2020 Remaster)
Nocturnal Implications (1992)
Improper Advances (2020 Remaster)
Improper Advances (1992)
Elegant Simplicity - Several Bits Of
Several Bits of . . . (1994)
Evolution - What is Wrong with this picture
Evolution: What is Wrong With This Picture? (1995)
Evolution The First Signs of Life
Evolution: The First Signs Of Life (1996)
Changing Views
Changing Views (1997)
6 Track Promo Cassette
6 Track Promo Cassette (1991)
Computer Shopper
Computer Shopper: Osmosis 11 (2000)
Down Addingford - Watching he Skies
Down Addingford: Watching the Sky (1997)
BURBS Too (1999)
54th Parallel: More Than You Ever Wanted (1994)
Aquatorium (2004)