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  • Arturia DIST-OPAMP-21

    Some of the guitar on the new album was played using Arturia’s Dist OPAMP-21 plugin. This is a recreation of the Sansamp TECH-21 or whatever it’s called from years gone by. The unit in question was the guitar players go to back in the olden days. As Arturia say: Dist OPAMP-21 is a distortion and…

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  • Scheming Streaming

    Scheming Streaming

    I keep getting asked why I don’t subscribe to Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music etc. The answer is simple . . . . . I’d rather own what I listen to. Furthermore, at least 40% of what I have in my music library is not even available on the streaming services. However, I do like the…

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  • Guitar Rig versus Amplitude

    Those of you following me at twitter will have spotted the odd remark about me testing Native Instruments Guitar Rig and IK Multimedia’s Amplitude. If you don’t already know, these are virtual guitar amp simulations. Possibly, the two leading products in this particular field of music technology. Anyway, for years I have been using a POD XT…

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