Dream Theater: Octavarium

Artist / Title: Dream Theater: Octavarium Month Reviewed: August 2005 Format: CD Buy: I will begin by saying that I think this is the bands best album to date! Yep, even better than Scenes From a Memory and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. Whether you like it heavy, complex, melodic, …

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Les Holroyd: Revolution Days

Artist / Title: Les Holroyd: Revolution Days Month Reviewed: May 2002 Format: CD Buy: This is, of course, billed as BJH featuring Les Holroyd! Regardless, this is still a solo effort from Les, accompanied by BJH drummer Mel Pritchard. Now, Les always wrote the more poppy/contemporary sounding numbers in the …

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Pendragon: Believe

Artist / Title: Pendragon: Believe Month Reviewed: September 2005 Format: CD Buy: This is an interesting album, as it sounds exactly like you would expect a Pendragon album to sound like, yet it also sounds nothing like a Pendragon album! Altogether, this is a good thing, as the band have …

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Francis Dunnery: Man

Artist / Title: Francis Dunnery: Man Month Reviewed: March 2002 Format: CD Buy: Apparently, this album will only be available via the Internet, but don’t let that stop you from buying it! Having dropped the band format of his last album – the totally brilliant ‘Let’s Go Do What Happens’ …

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Opeth: Ghost Reveries

Artist / Title: Opeth: Ghost Reveries Month Reviewed: November 2005 Format: CD Buy: Giddy Up!!!! Buy this CD – it’s incredible. Really, no kidding, this is a must buy album.

Jason Mraz: Mr A-Z

Artist / Title: Jason Mraz: Mr A-Z Month Reviewed: March 2006 Format: CD Buy: Wow! What an album this is! I first heard of this singer/song-writer by way of a cover he did of Queen’s ‘Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy’. Impressed by his vocal abilities, I nipped out and got …

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Spock’s Beard: Snow

Artist / Title: Spock’s Beard: Snow Month Reviewed: September 2002 Format: CD Buy: Finally received my copy of this album: look out for the limited edition 3CD package that comes in a nice box, with some stickers and the story! Very nice package indeed. And what of the music? Well, …

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