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Album Reviews

I don’t’ really review CDs / DVDs these days, but I did quite a lot of them in the past. Here, then, is an archive of them! You might find something cool to listen to! The material reviewed will not always be “progressive rock”, but will hopefully inspire you to check it out. By definition, what I reviewed, I like.

Spock’s Beard: Snow

Artist / Title: Spock’s Beard: Snow Month Reviewed: September 2002 Format: CD Buy: Finally received my copy of this album: look out for the limited edition 3CD package that comes in a nice box, with some stickers and the story! Very nice package indeed. And what of the music? Well, …

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Ben Folds: Songs for Silverman

Artist / Title: Ben Folds: Songs for Silverman Month Reviewed: May 2005 Format: CD Buy: As will be obvious by now, I am a huge Ben Folds fan and the man returns with his first new album since the classic Rockin’ the Suburbs. First listen to this CD is not …

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Dream Theater: Octavarium

Artist / Title: Dream Theater: Octavarium Month Reviewed: August 2005 Format: CD Buy: I will begin by saying that I think this is the bands best album to date! Yep, even better than Scenes From a Memory and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. Whether you like it heavy, complex, melodic, …

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Ben Folds: Live

Artist / Title: Ben Folds: Live Month Reviewed: November 2002 Format: CD Buy: Well, what can I say? This is a tremendous album – one of the best live releases I have ever heard. Yup, it really is that good. Initial purchasers note that you get a free 35 minute …

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Pendragon: Believe

Artist / Title: Pendragon: Believe Month Reviewed: September 2005 Format: CD Buy: This is an interesting album, as it sounds exactly like you would expect a Pendragon album to sound like, yet it also sounds nothing like a Pendragon album! Altogether, this is a good thing, as the band have …

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Dream Theater: Train of Thought

Artist / Title: Dream Theater: Train of Thought Month Reviewed: December 2003 Format: CD Buy: On first hearing, I was very, very disappointed with this album. Sure, it is very heavy, lyrically and musically, but there seemed to be a complete lack of melody. However, spin it a few times …

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Opeth: Ghost Reveries

Artist / Title: Opeth: Ghost Reveries Month Reviewed: November 2005 Format: CD Buy: Giddy Up!!!! Buy this CD – it’s incredible. Really, no kidding, this is a must buy album.

Suede: A New Morning

Artist / Title: Suede: A New Morning Month Reviewed: December 2002 Format: CD Buy: Suede are one of those bands you either ‘get’ or don’t! This is their 6th album (I think) and, although not their best, it is still rather good. Standout track is the mesmerising ‘Astral Girl’. Pure …

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Deep Purple: Rapure of the Deep

Artist / Title: Deep Purple: Rapure of the Deep Month Reviewed: December 2005 Format: CD Buy: I bought this album in its limited edition variant (tin plus extra track!) and I am so glad I did. This album is one of the bands best; it positively burst with wit, great …

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Radiohead: Hail to the Thief

Artist / Title: Radiohead: Hail to the Thief Month Reviewed: July 2003 Format: CD Buy: Well, a new Radiohead album is upon us. Would it be all barking mad electronica or a return to guitar based rock? The answer is a little of both. In some respects this album is …

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Jason Mraz: Mr A-Z

Artist / Title: Jason Mraz: Mr A-Z Month Reviewed: March 2006 Format: CD Buy: Wow! What an album this is! I first heard of this singer/song-writer by way of a cover he did of Queen’s ‘Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy’. Impressed by his vocal abilities, I nipped out and got …

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