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Music Reviews | The material reviewed will not always be “progressive rock”, but will hopefully inspire you to check it out. By definition, what I reviewed, I like.

  • Abel Ganz: Shooting Albatross (2008)

    Abel Ganz: Shooting Albatross (2008)

    Artist / Title: Abel Ganz: Shooting Albatross (2008) Month Reviewed: April 2011 Format: CD Buy: Abel Ganz are one of those bands that seem to have been around forever. First time I heard them was on some cassette sampler and they were also mentioned in the book of British Progressive Rock. Anyway, their first few…

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  • Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstasy (1976)

    Artist / Title: Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstacy (1976) Month Reviewed: March 2011 Format: CD Buy: Reviled by most folks as a record by a band missing the ‘spark’, this is one of my favourite Sabbath albums, if not my all-time favourite. Only Rock N Roll Doctor mars the ultimate Sabs record. Bill Ward sings the…

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  • Barclay James Harvest: Everyone is Everybody Else

    Artist / Title: Barclay James Harvest: Everyone Is Everybody Else Month Reviewed: February 2011 Format: CD Buy: This was my first BJH album, bought because it was just .50p in a second-hand record store in Leeds! I had never heard of the band (I was a staunch Metal-Head at the time!) and I have no…

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  • PFM: Cook

    Artist / Title: PFM: Cook Month Reviewed: December 2010 Format: 3CD Box Set Buy: When people talk of great live albums from the seventies, you never hear this one mentioned. Perhaps if it had been released in the form of the version I now have in my hands, things may have been different. Without doubt…

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  • Magenta: Live at Real World

    Artist / Title: Magenta: Live at Real World Month Reviewed: November 2010 Format: 2CD + DVD Buy: This is a live recording of this great Welsh band, recorded at Peter Gabriel‘s Real World Studios in Bath in front of around 60 specially invited audience members. Given the size of the crowd and the tiny venue,…

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  • Spock’s Beard: X

    Spock’s Beard: X

    Artist / Title: Spocks’ Beard: X Month Reviewed: October 2010 Format: CD 10th studio album from this US band (I wonder how they came up with the album title?!) and quite possibly their best. Having said that, it took a good few spins to come to that conclusion. Featuring 5 tracks, some very lengthy indeed,…

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  • Pink Floyd: the Final Cut

    Artist / Title: Pink Floyd: the Final Cut Month Reviewed: May 2004 Format: CD Buy: This is one of those albums you either love or hate. As for me, I love it! This new re-master sounds fabulous and the single only When the Tigers Broke Free fits into the running order perfectly. Often cited as…

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  • Diagonal: Diagonal

    Artist / Title: Diagonal: Diagonal Month Reviewed: September 2009 Format: CD Buy: I first heard of this band via a track on Classic Rock Prog Magazine. I loved it straight away and sought out the album. First things first, this is unashamedly retro, pulling in influences from Pink Floyd (early stuff), Caravan, Black Widow et…

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  • Morrissey: You are the Quarry

    Artist / Title: Morrissey: You are the Quarry Month Reviewed: July 2004 Format: CD Buy: Morrissey’s latest solo album is by far his best yet. In terms of sound and production, it is top notch: punchy and powerful. Vocally, he is in excellent form and delivers an outstanding performance. The songs are all great, not…

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